Welcome to Kingsbrook, Aylesbury

Kingsbrook is a new housing development on the east side of Aylesbury. It's currently in the middle of a 7-10 year build and will eventually bring 2,450 homes to the area. It's an amazing place to live and as a church, we want to be able to welcome new residents and do what we can to help the community flourish as it grows.

But is there actually a church on Kingsbrook?

Well, no and yes. There are no plans for any buildings or 'places of worship' but we believe the church was never about buildings anyway. And yes, there's a small group of us from the larger Canal Basin congregation meeting on Kingsbrook in homes and trying to work out what God wants us to do and what church might look like here. It's an exciting time and if you want to find out more....

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