In this time of the Covid-19 lockdown, we have had to adapt some of our groups and activities. We've moved some online but for those that we can't, we hope to be back soon!

When? Friday evening during term time 6:00-7:00pm (launching 8th November 2019)

Where? More+ Coffee Shop (36 Parton Road, HP20 1NG)

What is it? An evening full of games, crafts, activities and more with an opportunity for those present to hear about God.

How much is it? We ask for a donation of 50p to go towards the cost of all that we will be doing

Youth Cell

Youth Cell runs on Tuesday evenings during term time from 7:30-9:15pm at More+ community hub (36 Parton Road, HP20 1NG). Cell is a space for young people (School Year 10-13) to ask questions, explore and grow in their relationship with God as well as supporting each other and making sure to have a lot of laughs over snacks along the way.

Life Groups

We host a number of different smaller gatherings through the week that we call 'Life Groups'. It's about groups of people coming together to help build community and connection based around a shared interest. During this time of lockdown, it has been especially important to keep connecting with one another (even virtually) - please do contact us if you want to join a group.

About five years ago, Broughton Church saw an opportunity to serve the local community by starting the charity, 'Broughton Community Action' and refurbished a retail unit on Parton Road. 'more+' serves as our community hub, it's run by volunteers from the church and local area and we hope it will be a place that not only runs a great coffee shop, but provides space for local groups to meet, connect and build relationship.

Narrowboat Beacon+

In 2016, we began work on refurbishing our narrowboat "Beacon+" and we have recently been able to start to use it to continue living out our purpose, to see lives changed. We've been able to offer it for retreat days; we're taking out groups from the local junior school and we've taken it on tours around the inland waterways as a church. Email us below for more information!

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