Normally, we meet each Sunday at the Circus Field Canal Basin, Aylesbury (HP20 1AP) at 10.30am but due to the current Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, we have suspended those gatherings.

Instead, at 10.30am this Sunday, we will be using Facebook Live to stream our gathering. You can access our page and any resources you'll need for the morning using the buttons below.

What happens on a Sunday?

We meet each week as a group of people trying to follow Jesus in our lives. The building is great - nice view, disabled access, lots of parking right outside - but we understand the church is the people, not the place we meet. And when we come together we want to worship God, share what He's been doing in our lives and encourage and support each other.

Okay, but what does it actually look like?

There are free refreshments before the service from about 10 o'clock and then the gathering itself will be a mix of sung worship with contemporary songs - usually led by a live band, some prayers and a talk based on a passage from the Bible that's got something to speak into our lives. There's also a team of us who will be available if there's anything you'd like prayer for too.

What if I have young people with me?

We have three different young people's groups going on during our gatherings. A creche (0-3s), a primary school age group, and a young teenager's group (Years 7-9). We want to encourage those who are older to join in and serve with the adults and hopefully teach us something as they do. But we also have small groups for our young people throughout the week, so get in touch if you want to know more.

Anything else I should know?

Some people ask, 'What should I wear?' And we say, 'It doesn't matter!' (As long as you wear something...) The way we do things is, we think, pretty informal as far as churches go because we know that people are going to be joining us at the end of good weeks, bad weeks, odd weeks and everything in between. So come as you are - because that's what we do!

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