Who We Are

Broughton Church is a group of people, living around Aylesbury, trying to follow Jesus in their lives. We’re a Church of England church, with a relaxed and informal feel. There are a few things that are really important to us. We believe that the Bible is a gift from God and it’s got everything we need in it to live the full life He promises us. We’re pursuing the central message of Jesus’ teaching, which is the idea that God’s Kingdom – that is, His rule in action – is near and He wants to restore all things. And that we can live our lives in an intimate relationship with Jesus now through the Holy Spirit.

Our History

In 1982, it seemed to many people at Holy Trinity Church Aylesbury that God was leading them to branch out and come together as a new expression of church in Broughton. It all started with a desire to reach out and support the local community and ‘be’ church in Broughton. That has never changed. The first ever meeting was on Easter Day 1989 in Oakfield Scout Hall. As the church grew it moved first to Broughton Infant school, then on to Broughton Junior School and finally to its present location of Circus Field Canal Basin. In 2016, the parish boundary was expanded to include the new Kingsbrook estate and so Broughton Church is seeking to serve that new community too.

Why we’re here

Put simply, we’re here to see lives changed. We know that our lives were changed when we met with Jesus. It’s an amazing gift we want to share with everyone. But in our commitment to seeking out God’s Kingdom, we want to give ourselves to seeing people’s lives changed through how we serve our community – whether they want anything to do with Jesus or not.

Where we’re going

Broughton Church has never had its own building. But we feel like that’s kept us nimble and able to respond to the needs around us. It’s meant we can run a cafe in the heart of Broughton and be present to the community the whole of the week. It’s meant we can restore an old canal boat and use it to bless local churches, residents and the school. It’s meant that we have recently sent a small team out to start thinking about what church might look like on Kingsbrook as it grows. As we move forward, we want to be an equipping and sending church. Equipping people to live for Jesus where they are, and sending people and teams out across the parish to see lives changed.