Let’s be honest, church can look like a pretty weird place. We get it.

But here’s the thing. Life is different for us now. Something happened when we met Jesus – or really, He met us – and things haven’t been the same since. We're trying to figure out and live out what that change means and the best way Jesus has given us to do that, is by doing it together, as a church. And that sometimes looks a bit weird. But it’s also amazing. We’ve found that no matter who we are, what we’ve been through or what we’re going through right now, Jesus welcomes us.

And so we want to do the same.

You’re welcome if you’re single, married, divorced, gay, straight or other, filthy rich, dirt poor or just about average. You’re welcome if you come as crying new-borns, energetic toddlers, hyperactive grannies and everything in between. You’re welcome if life is hard, each day is a struggle and you've just about had enough. You’re welcome if you could use a prayer right now or had religion shoved down your throat as a kid.

Because Jesus welcomes you too.

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